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Saba Sounds

Musical Kit with Half Moon Sleigh Bells (5 Pieces)

Musical Kit with Half Moon Sleigh Bells (5 Pieces)

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This kit includes:

1) One pair of claves

• One pair of hard wooden sticks /18cm (7 inches) long & 2cm (0.7 inch) in diameter with a safe cover

• Rounded shape of both heads which makes it secure for children

• Produces a bright and vibrant noise

• High quality wood for calves protection while being struck 


2) Two Plastic ABS Egg Shakers

• Stable and resistant against any impact and fracture

• Clear, pronounced and identical sounds in all shakers

• Comes in various colors and is safe for children

• Lightweight, plastic and durable

• Ergonomic design for children (perfect size and shape for little hands to grasp) + no sweating

• Washable

• For ages 3 and up

3) Half moon Sleigh Bells (25 jingles)

• Superb hard wooden handle which polished with non-toxic material and safe for children and ergonomically shaped for easy to grasp

• Loud, Clean and Clear authentic sleigh bell sound

• Colorful Sleigh Bells have soft and low volume which is convenient for hearing threshold of young kids 

• Ergonomically shaped for easy to grasp

All kits come with a carrying bag.

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